The Haiku Ceiling Fan: Why It’s Our 2024 Top Pick

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We’ll be honest. In the realm of ceiling fans, Big Ass Fans' Haiku Ceiling Fan stands unrivaled.

The company itself has been an industry trailblazer, constantly committing itself to pushing boundaries. And with the Haiku, they’ve truly taken a leap into the future.

This piece is more than just a fan; it's a testament to innovation, seamless design, and technology.

So whether you're a homeowner, interior designer, or simply someone who appreciates refined style and intelligent design, in this post we’ll break down why the Haiku deserves a spot in your (or your client’s) space.

Indoor Haiku Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

A Peek Behind the Innovation: Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans was born out of a simple but powerful vision: to reimagine the humble ceiling fan.

Founded in 1999 in Lexington, Kentucky, Big Ass Fans initially focused on industrial fans for large commercial spaces.

Yet their vision wasn't confined to industrial settings. Recognizing a void in the market for fans that combined superior performance and aesthetic appeal, they decided to go big.

In 2012, the brand introduced the Haiku Ceiling Fan, marking the company's foray into the residential market. And over the years, they've expanded the Haiku line, introducing variants to cater to diverse tastes and needs. There's the Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fan for those seeking a stylish cooling solution for their homes, and the Haiku Outdoor Ceiling Fan for spaces that embrace the elements.

Indoor Haiku Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

Shining A Light on Sustainability, in a Big Way

In addition to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality and design, Big Ass Fans has always had a steadfast dedication to sustainability. And here at AURA, we’re proud to see a sustainable ceiling fan in this space.

The company's commitment to sustainability is evident in its:

  • Energy-efficient products: BAF fans are some of the most energy-efficient fans on the market. The Haiku fan is ENERGY STAR® certified and uses just 2-30 watts of power. This means that this model fan can save you money on your energy bills and help to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Sustainable materials: These fans are made with sustainable materials, such as bamboo and glass-infused matrix composite. These materials are renewable and recyclable, and they help to reduce the environmental impact of fan manufacturing

  • Green manufacturing practices: Big Ass Fans are manufactured using green manufacturing practices. The company's manufacturing facility is LEED® certified, and uses a variety of sustainable practices, such as water conservation and waste reduction

  • Corporate social responsibility: The company is committed to corporate social responsibility by supporting a number of environmental and social causes, such as the National Forest Foundation and the American Red Cross

This isn't merely a win for your electricity bill; it's also a major win for the environment. This dual commitment, to both design excellence and environmental sustainability, sets Big Ass Fans apart.

It's not just about cooling spaces; it's about doing so responsibly. And it’s a big reason why this brand tops our list.

A Brief Overview of The Haiku

Style Meets Comfort

When you first lay eyes on a Haiku Ceiling Fan, you're immediately struck by its modern look and feel. Each fan seamlessly blends in with most decor styles. Both indoor and outdoor models capitalize on a refined sophistication that really uplevels any room.

Smarter Cooling

But Haiku fans are more than just their looks. Beneath their sleek exteriors lie cutting-edge features designed for your comfort. Let’s take the SenseME technology, a feature unique to Haiku, that uses smart sensors to adjust fan speed based on room conditions, ensuring a consistently comfortable environment..

Imagine a fan that starts operating the moment you walk into the room, and adjusts itself based on temperature and humidity. That's the magic of Haiku. Moreover, with its integration with smart home systems, you can control your Haiku Ceiling Fan right from your phone or with simple voice commands.

A Model for Every Need

Each home and homeowner is unique, and so are their cooling needs. That's why Haiku Ceiling Fans come in various models, from indoor versions to outdoor ones, and those with integrated LED lights.

The Haiku Indoor Ceiling Fan is designed to complement your interiors and provide a cool, comforting breeze. For those who love spending time outdoors, the Haiku Outdoor Ceiling Fan, crafted with durable materials, can withstand the elements and keep your outdoor spaces comfortable.

And if you're looking for a fan that does more than just cool, the Haiku Ceiling Fan with its LED light offers the dual benefits of efficient cooling and adjustable lighting, all while looking stunningly sleek.

More Than Just a Fan

By now it should be clear that the Haiku is not your average fan; it's a testament to how technology can elevate everyday comfort. Each Haiku fan is a piece of art that spins, a technological marvel that cools, and a statement that impresses.

Indoor Haiku Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

An Award-Winning Icon

The Haiku fan has been praised for its sleek design, quiet operation, and energy efficiency. And in its short lifespan, the fan has also been featured in major magazines such as Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and Dwell.

Check out some of the specific features of the Haiku fan that have been recognized by magazines and awards:

  • Sensorless Drive Technology: This technology delivers nearly twice the efficiency of conventional ceiling fan motors and allows Haiku to operate silently

  • Thin Sheet™ Airfoils: These airfoils are handcrafted of five layers of sustainable bamboo or durable glass-infused matrix composite finished with three coats of automotive-grade finish. They are held to the highest standards and undergo multiple quality inspections

  • Whoosh™ Mode: This proprietary algorithm simulates the variations of natural breezes, making users feel up to 40% cooler than constant airflow

The Haiku fan is a true original, and its many awards and certifications are a testament to its quality and innovation.

Haiku Ceiling Fans vs. the Competition

When it comes to home comfort, the Haiku Ceiling Fan is a top contender. However, how does it stack up against other popular brands like Hunter, Fanimation, and Minka-Aire?

Benefit #1: Design Distinction

While Hunter and Fanimation fans are well-loved for their traditional designs, Haiku offers a refreshing break from the norm with its sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

The artful balance of form and function is something Minka-Aire is also known for, but Haiku’s streamlined look with clean lines and polished finishes often takes the lead in contemporary design.

Benefit #2: Unbeatable Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, Minka-Aire and Haiku are both ahead of the game. But Haiku has an edge with its aerodynamic design and proprietary motor technology, optimizing airflow and reducing energy consumption to a minimum.

Its addition of energy-efficient LED lighting in its light variations sets a new standard in the industry.

Benefit #3: Innovative Intelligence

While Hunter and Minka-Aire offer some smart fans, Haiku goes a notch above with its SenseME technology.

This unique feature adjusts the fan speed automatically based on room temperature and humidity and even detects your presence. This level of automation is rarely found in other brands.

Benefit #4: Versatility to Match Your Lifestyle

While Fanimation offers a variety of styles, Haiku matches up with a versatility that's hard to beat. We especially love the variety of color combinations that truly blend in with almost any space.

While all these brands have their strengths, Big Ass Fans’ Haiku delivers a blend of design, efficiency, and smart technology that's hard to find elsewhere.

Indoor Haiku Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

Installing and Maintaining Your Haiku Ceiling Fan

The Installation Process

Installing a Haiku Ceiling Fan is a pretty straightforward process, thanks to the clear instructions and all the necessary hardware included in the package.

While DIY installation is possible for those handy around the house, it might be wise to hire a professional for a hassle-free and safe setup, especially if you're dealing with electrical wiring for the first time.

For smart integration, you'll need to connect the fan to your Wi-Fi network, a process that's as simple as downloading the Haiku app and following the instructions.

Maintenance Tips

Once your Haiku Ceiling Fan is installed, maintaining it is just as effortless.

  1. Regular Dusting: Dust your Haiku fan regularly to keep it looking as good as new. Using a soft, lint-free cloth or a duster with an extendable handle will make the job easier

  2. Deep Cleaning: For a deeper clean, you can use a damp cloth on the fan blades. Make sure to dry them thoroughly afterward to prevent any moisture damage

  3. Check for Loose Screws: Periodically check for and tighten any loose screws to ensure your fan stays securely mounted and operates smoothly

  4. Lubrication: Unlike traditional fans, Haiku Ceiling Fans don't require lubrication, making them even more low maintenance

  5. Software Updates: If you have a Haiku smart fan, make sure to keep the software updated for optimal performance.

Commonly Asked Questions About The Haiku

1. Is the Haiku Fan Worth the Money?

Maybe we’re biased - but yes, the Haiku is definitely worth the investment. Its superior design, energy efficiency, and smart technology features offer an unparalleled level of comfort and convenience.


Though it might seem expensive initially, the savings in energy costs and the longevity of the product make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.


2. Why is the Haiku Fan So Expensive?

This ceiling fan is a premium product that combines exceptional design, state-of-the-art technology, and remarkable efficiency. It's crafted using high-quality materials for durability, and its innovative features like SenseME technology and smart home integration set it apart from standard fans.


These factors contribute to its higher price, but they also make the Haiku fan a superior product that delivers exceptional value.


3. Where Are Haiku Ceiling Fans Made?

Haiku Ceiling Fans are manufactured by Big Ass Fans, a company based in Lexington, Kentucky. The company prides itself on its commitment to quality and innovation, producing fans that are well-crafted and technologically advanced.

4. What is the Difference Between Haiku and Haiku L?

The Haiku and Haiku L are two models of ceiling fans offered by Big Ass Fans. Both models share the signature sleek design and energy efficiency that Haiku fans are known for.


The primary differences lie in the material, light options, and price. The original Haiku fan features premium material options like bamboo and polished aluminum, while Haiku L is made of special composite material.


The Haiku L also comes standard with an integrated LED light, making it a more affordable option for those who want Haiku's blend of style, efficiency, and smart features at a lower price point.

Indoor Haiku Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

The Haiku Ceiling Fan is Our Top Pick in 2024

In the world of ceiling fans, the Haiku Ceiling Fan truly stands out.


From the moment you install a Haiku, you'll experience a refreshing blend of comfort and style. You're investing in more than just a fan. You're investing in a lifestyle upgrade that promises comfort, convenience, and style.


Whether you're seeking an eco-friendly cooling solution or a fan that merges seamlessly with your smart home ecosystem, Haiku delivers. The high price point reflects not just a product, but an experience that's hard to match.


Consider a Haiku as your next home improvement—you won't be disappointed!

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