Are Big Ass Fans Worth The Cost in 2024?

Todd Blackburn

Todd is a staff writer at AURA covering in-depth product reviews and tips.

If you didn’t already know, Big Ass Fans is a residential fan brand that lives up to its name. These larger fans deliver major airflow, among other benefits - but the question remains: are Big Ass Fans worth the cost?


With prices at $1K+, these fans leave many wondering if they're that much better than the standard run-of-the-mill offering. So let’s take an honest look at what you get when you buy a Big Ass Fan for your home.

Indoor Big Ass Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

Cutting To The Chase: How Much Do Big Ass Fans *Actually* Cost?

Big Ass Fans' residential models (Haiku, i6, es6) are known in the industry for cutting-edge designs that also pack a punch with tech enhancements.


And prices vary based on size, features, and model.

  • The basic fans start at around $1,000. These fans have energy-efficient motors and standard controls for better cooling than your typical fan

  • Mid-range fans cost $1,500-$3,000. Added features like LED lights, premium finishes, and advanced controls take comfort up a notch.

  • The high-end fans are $3,500+. They have smart home integration, temperature sensing, and automated learning capabilities.

While this might seem pricy, Big Ass Fans *do*  help you save on energy bills and maintenance over time. For top-of-the-line home cooling, we believe that they’re a sound investment - and we’ll tell you why next.


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A Quick Look At Big Ass Fans’ Features

Engineering and Design

When it comes to engineering and design, Big Ass Fans are a step above the rest. Every single detail in a Big Ass Fan is crafted with meticulous attention to both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Their sleek, modern designs blend into your living spaces and the innovative engineering delivers unparalleled air circulation.

Energy Efficiency and Long-Term Savings

These fans don’t just add to your home aesthetic - they’re environmentally friendly and help you cut costs in the long run. These fans are engineered to consume less energy than your typical residential ceiling fans, and so this exceptional energy efficiency can lead to significant savings on your utility bills over time.


Not to mention the in-built smart technology can intelligently adjust the fan's speed based on room temperature, further enhancing energy savings.


Indoor Big Ass Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

Comfort and High-End Convenience

Think about this: a summer afternoon with a gentle, cooling breeze, right in the comfort of your home. That's what you’ll get with a Big Ass Fan. These fans are designed to circulate air effectively, creating a uniform temperature and eliminating hot or cold spots.


And there’s more - these fans are equipped with silent motors, ensuring the noise-free operation that you deserve. Plus, with remote control and smart home compatibility, adjusting fan speed or direction is a breeze.


Health and Environmental Impact

Did you know that good airflow can impact your health? By improving ventilation and air circulation, Big Ass Fans can help reduce the concentration of airborne pollutants in your home.


And by reducing your reliance on air conditioning, you're making a positive impact on the environment by minimizing your carbon footprint. Now, that's a win-win.

Space Versatility

Big Ass Fans are versatile and adaptable, fitting into a wide range of residential spaces. Looking for a fan for your living room? Check. Need a fan for your outdoor patio? Check. How about your garage or home gym? Check and check.


No matter what kind of space you have, there's a Big Ass Fan designed to deliver optimal airflow for you. So, don't just think about installing them in your traditional spaces.


Indoor Big Ass Ceiling Fan that match your lifestyle

The Hidden Costs and Savings with Big Ass Fans

Purchasing a Big Ass Fan is an investment in quality, comfort, and energy efficiency. But to make an informed decision, it's best to understand the whole picture.

Consideration #1: Installation Costs

One of the first additional costs you'll come across is installation. The price can vary depending on the complexity of the setup and the model of the fan.


And while there's an upfront cost, remember that a correctly installed fan means no long-term headaches or hiccups. We typically recommend having your fan installed by a professional to make sure it's done right.


Consideration #2: Operating Costs

Fun fact: running a Big Ass Fan, even continuously, is surprisingly affordable. These fans employ high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) technology, which moves a large amount of air using minimal energy, reducing operating costs significantly compared to traditional HVAC systems.

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Consideration #3: Long-term Energy Savings

The real savings with Big Ass Fans come over time. Effective air circulation will cut back on your reliance on heating and air conditioning, which leads to significant energy savings.


We’ve even seen that heating and cooling costs can be reduced by up to 30%. Over several years, these savings can more than offset the initial cost of the fan.


Consideration #4: Lifespan and Maintenance Costs

When it comes to lifespan and maintenance, Big Ass Fans outshine the competition. Because they’re built with durable materials and advanced engineering, they’re designed to last, some with a lifespan of over a decade with proper care.


Routine maintenance is minimal and can often be done by the homeowner, reducing long-term costs.


So while Big Ass Fans may have a higher initial cost, they offer substantial savings in the long run.


By considering the total cost of ownership—installation, operation, maintenance, and energy savings—it becomes clear that investing in a Big Ass Fan can be a smart financial decision for your home.


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The Environmental Impact of Choosing Big Ass Fans

Choosing a Big Ass Fan isn't just a smart decision for your comfort and wallet - it's also a choice that benefits our environment.


The company's commitment to sustainability and its contributions to green buildings make them a truly responsible choice for the eco-conscious consumer.


Here are just a few ways the company reduces its environmental impact:

  • Using recycled materials: Big Ass Fans use recycled materials in their fans, such as recycled aluminum and steel. This helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills

  • Water conservation: These fans use a water-based lubricant, which helps to conserve water

  • Offsetting emissions: The brand offsets their emissions by investing in renewable energy projects - and they also have their own solar farm that powers their headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky

  • Sustainable manufacturing: Big Ass Fans handles all parts of making their fans - what's called vertical integration. They control everything from design to sourcing materials to assembly

The Final Verdict: Are Big Ass Fans Worth It?

Without a doubt, Big Ass Fans represent modern, efficient living. Built with superior quality, energy-saving technology, and sleek design, these fans are crafted to meet the highest standards.


Though they may come with a higher price tag, the value they deliver in comfort, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal is undeniable.


So for those in search of the best, willing to make a worthwhile investment for years of satisfaction, Big Ass Fans is a worthwhile investment toward a superior way of living


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