Oggetti is on the verge of celebrating its 50th anniversary, a testament to the company's reliability and longevity. What's even more impressive is how Oggetti has been a leader in style and design within the industry for half a century. Founders Nancy and Robert Frehling have journeyed across the globe to curate furniture, accessories, and lighting that contribute to the creation of a beautiful home. Fueled by their passion for exceptional materials and design, they have consistently introduced exciting additions to the world of home furnishings.

Their son, Gregory, joined the team early on and inherited their love for travel. He has visited countries like Italy, the Philippines, and Vietnam to scout for unique pieces for Oggetti. Now at the helm of the company, Gregory continues the quest for quality and beauty. As a company with almost 50 years of experience in the design industry, Oggetti has remained relevant, serving as a guiding light for progressive designers and architects.