9 Gorgeous White and Gold Bathroom Ideas for 2024

If you're like us, you firmly believe that white and gold bathrooms are timeless, chic, and just plain gorgeous.

But it also goes without saying that if you're planning out your next bathroom design, you may also need some major inspo toward decorating your space.

In this post, we're going to show off our 10 favorite white and gold bathrooms that we just can't get enough of.

And we'll also give you some affordable and smart styling options so you don't have to run your wallet dry while you're designing.

white and gold storage bathroom

Bathroom Idea #1: The Bathroom in Need of Extra Storage

We love this bathroom mostly because it maximizes storage space and brings in some gorgeous greenery.

Not to mention the addition of the pink flowers on the countertop add a beautiful pop of color without taking away from the theme of the bathroom.

Bathroom Idea #2: The One With The Gold Statement Mirror

If you're stumped for ways to make your bathroom feel more inviting, bright, and stylish, then you're going to want to invest in a mirror that catches a guest's eye. 

It doesn't need to be super ornate. But enough if a statement helps draw the eye in. This is especially perfect if you have a smaller space, or if you're inheriting a new space where the rest of the bathroom is just OK. 

A statement mirror does the trick.

Bathroom Idea #3: The Bathroom With Stunning Sconces

Here at AURA, we're major fans of everything modern. And that includes lighting.

And while we're obsessed with a good recessed lighting scheme, the truth of the matter is sometimes a gorgeous wall sconce or show stopping flush mount just does the trick.

So if you're looking to create a white and gold bathroom that does have a modern feel to it - but you also want to make sure that you're giving the room some character, consider opting for a gold wall sconce over more boring (yet practical) recessed lighting. 

Or do both!

Bathroom Idea #4: Bring in Some Wall Art

We'll admit, sometimes adding too much gold and white can make a bathroom seem stark.

One of our favorite ways to add different elements and textures to a white and gold bathroom is to hang up some floating shelves and add some wall art. 

The art doesn't need to be white, or gold, either. Mix and match styles to tie the whole look together.

Bathroom Idea #5: Faux Plants FTW

Another fantastic way to bring in more textures to your bathroom? We are addicted to faux plants.

Whether you have one on the countertop, or put one in a basket for the floor, the best part is you get all the green without having to deal with any of the upkeep (perfect for bathrooms with less light!)

Plus the green tones really emphasize the white and gold in your bathroom. Truly the perfect complement.

Bathroom Idea #6: Add Some Warmth With a Rug

A rug just makes any space look and feel better. Why let the rest of your rooms soak up all of the warmth of a rug when adding a rug to your white and gold bathroom could make it so much cozier?

From neutral minimalist rugs to more traditional, brightly colored rugs, we think any option would look great against some gorgeous white tile. Give it a try.

Bathroom Idea #7: Add A Bench For Extra Design

While we might not recommend sitting on a bench straight out of the bath, the truth of the matter is adding a bench to your bathroom space can create extra design elements that pull the whole look together.

Other functional ways a bench can help include adding extra storage underneath for slippers, and using them as a place for fresh clothes once you step out of your shower.

We're partial to wood in a white and gold bathroom to warm it up, but the truth of the matter is, you could add any style bench depending on your design needs and still have it look great.

Bathroom Idea #8: Add Some Lighting Above the Mirror

While we love wall sconces, we're also huge fans of adding lighting over the mirror to really brighten up the space.

This style of lighting to your bathroom also means you don't have to worry as much about having longer wall space. Instead, you can maximize your space by adding the light above the mirrors. Easy!

Bathroom Idea #9: Add In a Gold Chandelier Above The Bath

OK, are we in love, or are we in love?

How absolutely perfect is a gold chandelier over your bath to completer your white and gold bathroom?

We love this idea if you have different sections of your bathroom that need a lighting source. We also love how a chandelier or pendant creates more well-rounded lighting in the bathroom as opposed to having a table lamp, or light off to the side.

One of our favorite edits to modern bathrooms everywhere.

Ready to create the white and gold bathroom of your dreams in 2023?

Here at AURA, we're all about white. And gold. And gorgeous interiors.

If you need design advice or a second opinion, don't forget to use the chat icon and let us know how we can help. Happy shopping!