10 Modern Bedroom Fireplace Ideas (2024)

Elise Dunbar-Smith

Elise is a staff writer at AURA covering interior design, how tos, and more.

Let's be real - nothing beats a fireplace when it comes to creating the ultimate cozy vibe. 

But in a space prioritized for rest and relaxation, how can you incorporate a bedroom fireplace in a way that still feels fresh and current? 

We've got you covered. We're detailing our top 10 favorite ideas to add in a modern bedroom fireplace all while elevating the room.

So cozy up and get ready to ignite some seriously cool ideas for your sleeping quarters. Your future fireside hangouts and Netflix binge sessions will thank you in advance.

wall fireplace in room

Modern Bedroom Fireplace Trends We’re Seeing For 2024

These days, homeowners want designs that feel fresh, functional, and blend seamlessly into modern decor. Gone are the days of bulky stone out-of-place fireplaces dominating the room.

So here are some of the most popular modern fireplace styles right now:

Clean Lines

Streamlined fireplaces with simple lines and natural materials make sense in bedrooms as they provide warmth without cluttering the space.

Creative Shapes

Unique asymmetrical/curved fireplace designs make artistic statements as focal points in today’s modern bedroom, and the custom shapes add a little edge without disrupting the relaxing vibe.


Strategically placed fireplaces that heat adjoining spaces are on trend in 2023, as they allow for the fireplace to be accessible from multiple rooms like the bedroom and bathroom.


The contemporary frameless style removes visual clutter for a refined, sharper appearance fitting current tastes. This unembellished look works beautifully in pared-down bedrooms.


Adding in shelving and a fireplace together in one built-in unit keeps space looking integrated yet multifunctional. The cohesive look fits with holistic interior design.

Overall, clean and minimalist styles, customized shapes, multipurpose placement, frameless designs, and integrated shelving are fireplace trends that are not only popular in 2023, but seem here to stay among homeowners and renters alike. 

Styles We’re Loving Right Now

Idea #1: Blended In

We love the idea of bringing together neutrals to make a bedroom feel cozy and welcoming. With this kind of fireplace set up, everything seems to blend together perfectly. 

Create a zen and serene look by selecting a fireplace in a neutral tone that complements your color scheme. For a light and airy aesthetic, choose a white brick or painted white stone mantel and surround.

Incorporate natural wood furnishings like driftwood side tables or oak end tables to add organic texture. Layer in neutral linens such as stonewashed cotton bedding and wool throws to tie everything together.

Flanking the fireplace with plants like airy ferns or decorative grasses also helps blend nature into your calming oasis. 

freestanding le feu fireplace

Idea #2: Freestanding And Flawless

A freestanding modern bedroom fireplace is perfect for smaller spaces that still want to add a cozy element, but not crowd a room. 

We’re crazy about Le Feu’s freestanding bioethanol fireplaces as a sustainable, green choice for any bedroom style (did we mention that they’re ventless?)

Position your freestanding fireplace against a wall or diagonally in a corner to delineate a cozy lounge zone. These designs blend easily into modern bedrooms.

Surround with streamlined furniture and neutral tones to let the fireplace sculpture stand out as a work of art. Its compact footprint leaves plenty of floor space untouched for minimalist style.

Idea #3: Built In Beauty

Built in fireplaces in the bedroom just make sense. We especially love the bright pops of greenery to bring home a more natural vibe. 

Surround your custom hearth with neutral hues like warm wood or creamy plaster to let the flames stand out. Then introduce natural greenery like trailing ivy, potted palms, or cut branches in vases to inject liveliness.

The pairing of organic plants against pristine white walls makes the fireplace feel quietly elegant.

Idea #4: Moody Vintage

Not all bedroom fireplaces need to be functional. There’s just something about the charm of an old vintage townhome that brings together a lived in moody vibe. 

Preserve the original non-working fireplace as a decorative historic focal point. Keep it as the centerpiece of your urban vintage design scheme.

For an authentic look, leave the mantel as-is, embracing imperfections that add character. Don’t forget to add in mood lighting like vintage wall sconces or Edison bulbs.

Idea #5: Maximum Modern

Sometimes, a sleek modern fireplace in the bedroom doesn’t need to be the focal point. 

Opt for a cutting-edge linear or recessed gas fireplace to keep visual weight minimal. Materials like glossy ceramic or blackened steel add subtle texture without overpowering the space.

For a recessed fireplace, install it flush with the wall and add a secure metal or glass guard for safety. This creates a barely-there built-in look that doesn't disrupt sight lines.

Or embrace bold modernity with an asymmetrical corner configuration to lend interest while preserving overall minimalism. Let the flames be the star against a muted monochromatic backdrop.

Idea #6: The Traditional With a Twist

If you live in a more traditional home with wood touches, there's still a way to modernize your bedroom fireplace - just use contemporary tile.

Introducing modern ceramic, porcelain, or glass tiles can inject personality while retaining traditional wood warmth. Mix shapes, patterns, colors, and textures for visual intrigue.

For the hearth, lay an eye-catching tessellated mosaic tile in glossy hues like midnight blue or sage green. Or try a geometric tile with bold lines and shapes. Then surround it with classic brick or wood.

On the mantel itself, apply rectangular subway tiles vertically for a streamlined modern feel. Go for a matte white or black for timeless appeal, or vibrant color for a playful pop.

Idea #7: Shelving Extension

Why does a fireplace need to stand out so much from the rest of the bedroom design? We love the idea of extending the fireplace to add storage shelves that still fit the style of the rest of the room. These exposed beams look great and add a cozy element to the room.

Exposed beam shelves are a great way to extend a fireplace that also play to farmhouse, cabin or rustic styles. The textural beams bring an cozy, earthy look to the room. 

Don’t forget that a fireplace should stand out while still belonging. Subtle touches in material, shape and color that echo the decor ensure the fireplace complements the bedroom rather than competing with it. When done thoughtfully, it can anchor the space in style.

fireplace hanging from ceiling

Idea #8: Ceiling Space Saver

Traditional fireplaces are usually built into walls, but ceiling-mounted "sky" fireplaces offer an innovative way to save space and create a modern focal point. 

Suspended fireplaces like Le Feu's floating fireplace models free up wall space while adding sleek, contemporary style.

By hanging a streamlined fire unit with an open flame from the ceiling, the overall footprint is smaller than a wall-mounted fireplace. This is perfect for opening up smaller spaces. 

The minimalist, circular Le Feu units also come in fresh white coloring that blends into modern, monochromatic decor seamlessly. 

curved bedroom fireplace

Idea #9: Curve Appeal

In 2023, we're seeing seamless built-in fireplaces become more commonplace in contemporary bedrooms. Curved fireplace fronts help maximize space while providing warmth.

Unlike bulky traditional masonry fireplaces, these slim, curved gas fireplaces tuck discreetly into walls, corners, or partitions. The smooth rounded front takes up less interior footage than a boxier fireplace, making them ideal for cozier bedrooms where every inch counts.

Concrete fireplace in bedroom

Idea #10: Concrete Cozy

Using concrete in a bedroom fireplace design lends a refined, modern feel. A sleek concrete fireplace wall, surround, or mantel adds subtle texture and depth while keeping the look minimalist. Pairing concrete with warm wood mantels and natural stone creates an earthy, soothing combination.

For an even cozier vibe, consider using concrete-inspired patterns on textiles like knit blankets or linen shams placed nearby. Concrete vessel sinks and bathtubs also complement attached bathrooms.


How do you modernize an old fireplace?

(1.) Giving your old fireplace a makeover doesn't have to be complicated. Start with a coat of fresh white or black paint—it's an easy fix that makes a big impact. (2.) Replace that ornate, carved wood mantle with something more low-profile and sleek, like a smooth mantel shelf or steel beam. (3.) If you have an older brick or stone surround, swapping it out for tile or wood paneling makes the fireplace feel cleaner and more updated. (4.) For a less cluttered appearance, remove the hearth or raise it up flush with the floor (just check your fire code first). (5.) Mixing in contemporary materials like granite slabs or metal panels next to the existing brick or wood adds nice contrast and texture.

Is a fireplace upgrade worth it?

If you've got an old, drafty wood-burning fireplace, fixing it up with some updates can really pay off. Newer gas fireplaces heat better, use less energy, and cut down on safety worries like fires and smoke in the house. Upgrading to a nicer looking stone or tile surround and a sleek mantle can completely transform the look and feel of your living room. A remodeled fireplace can also boost the value of your home when it comes time to sell. Getting those upgrades done now lets you recoup some of that investment later. While dropping a few thousand bucks on a fireplace makeover isn't chump change, it's a smart upgrade that saves money over time through better heating, increases your home's market value, and lets your family get cozy and enjoy the fireplace for years to come. For a lot of homeowners, it's money well spent.

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