The Top Home Decor Trends for Spring 2023

The Top Home Decor Trends for Spring 2023 - AURA Modern Home

Get ready, we might be throwing some surprises your way.

Trends in interior design for the spring of 2023 emphasize creating spaces that are both comfortable and environmentally friendly through the use of a variety of textures, white tones, natural materials, and brightly colored fabrics.

The goal is to create a relaxing and comfortable space that reflects the beauty and energy of spring.

Ready to learn more? Let's take a look at some of the must-have pieces and the hottest trends for Spring 2023.

Trend #1: Textures, Textures, Textures

Mixing textures is a hot trend in spring 2023 interior design. 

The trend involves combining different materials to create lots of visual interest and depth. It's already been popular among designers and homeowners alike, but in 2023 it will really take off. 

Get The Look: Layering Textures

The trick to pulling off this look is a tasteful integration of contrasting materials. For example, think of pairing a plush velvet sofa with a rough-hewn wooden coffee table, or mixing a sleek metal pendant light with a woven rattan wall hanging.

Abstract black pendant light

Our advice is to start by choosing a color palette that ties all the elements together, then experiment with different textures in each room, like adding a shaggy rug to a space with smooth surfaces.

Using contrasting high and low textures, such as a polished marble countertop with a rustic brick backsplash, can also create visual interest. Don't be afraid to combine different styles to make something truly special and eye-catching.

Trend #2: Shades of White (Not Stark White)

We anticipate that the popularity of interior design themes based on the color white will continue to be widespread in the year 2023. And it's for good reason: an all-white decor scheme is a great way to achieve a modern, minimalist look that also has the added benefit of making a room feel brighter and more airy.

What's great about an all-white color palette is that it allows for a wide range of textures and materials to be incorporated, like textured fabrics, glass, and metal.

Get The Look: Balanced White Interiors

If you've been on the fence about this trend, here's what we'd recommend. Use cream, ivory, and chalk in addition to pure white to create an interesting color scheme. A few well-placed accessories and statement pieces can help soften the look and keep the room from feeling too clinical.

white boucle chair

What about things to avoid? Remember that a room with only white walls needs well-placed lights to avoid looking lifeless and uninteresting. When looking to add depth and character to a space, consider incorporating a variety of lighting techniques.

Also, don't overwhelm the space with a single surface texture. Texture is essential in an all-white space to prevent it from appearing lifeless. To give a space more dimension, try combining contrasting textures, such as smooth and rough, matte and shiny, soft and hard.

Trend #3: Bringing In The Beauty of Natural Elements

Natural elements are a great way to satisfy the growing demand for eco-friendliness and a return to the earth as a design inspiration.

Think live plants, woven textiles, and wood or stone accents as a way to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. Not to mention, spring is the perfect time to think about gardening and live plants. 

Get The Look: All Natural for Spring 2023

Incorporating natural elements can be as simple as adding a few potted plants or tapping into natural materials for key pieces of furniture, such as a wooden coffee table or a stone fireplace surround. The use of natural fibers, such as jute or linen, can also provide a great way to add texture and warmth to a space.

chunky tassel jute rug

One more trend to note: the importance and heightened conversation around natural lighting! So many architects and interior designers are installing skylights and large windows.

Interiors can be made to feel more tranquil, peaceful, and in tune with nature by incorporating natural elements.

Trend #4: Sustainability Takes Center Stage

It's no surprise that in an effort to lessen their personal environmental impact, many homeowners are investigating green renovation options. To that end, more and more people are opting for energy-efficient designs and greener materials like recycled goods.

There's even been a recent trend among architects and interior designers to use low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and finishes and purchase products made from renewable resources like bamboo and cork.

The environmental impact of products over their useful lifespan is another part of eco-friendly interior design. This involves thinking about where materials come from, how they're made, and how they'll be disposed of when their usefulness is done.

It's true that beautiful, eco-friendly interiors can be made with sustainability as a top priority, and we hope to see much more of this in spring 2023.

Trend #5: Fresh and Bright Fabrics

In spring 2023, a trend in interior design is expected to emerge in favor of fresh and bright fabrics. Think fabrics like cotton, linen, and voile that are naturally breathable and brighten the atmosphere. Using these textiles will make any space feel more airy and welcoming.

Also, surprise! Curtains, throw pillows, and upholstery may be adorned with florals, polka dots, and stripes in the spring of 2023. These fabrics are perfect for adding a springtime dose of levity and playfulness to your home's decor.

Pastel colors are still a focus and will be just as popular as prints for spring 2023. Think rooms focused on pastel colors like blush, mint green, and baby blue.

The TLDR: Spring 2023 Interior Design Trends

For spring 2023, designers are focusing on creating eco-friendly spaces that feel cozy and inviting. The use of natural materials, a focus on sustainability through eco-friendly materials and designs, the use of light and airy fabrics, and the incorporation of a variety of textures all contribute to an inviting environment that feels at once sophisticated and comfortable.

Getting Ready for Spring 2023 Decorating?

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