Bromic vs. Infratech: Which Patio Heater Comes Out On Top?

Todd Blackburn

Todd is a staff writer at AURA covering in-depth product reviews and tips.

When that autumn chill starts creeping in, cozying up outdoors sounds like a fantastic option for a relaxing day (or night). 

And a good patio heater turns that dream into a reality. 

When it comes to outdoor heating, two brands always top the best-of lists - Infratech and Bromic. They both have excellent options, but how do you pick between the two?

In this guide, we'll run a head-to-head comparison on the nitty gritty details - efficiency, aesthetics, performance, technical specs, installation, servicing, the works. 

Our aim is to dig into why these two emerge as crowd favorites year after year, and equip you with clear insights to evaluate which is the best fit.

Once we've compared and contrasted Infratech and Bromic pros, cons, and key differences, you'll be ready to make an informed choice.

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Infratech vs. Bromic: Side By Side Comparison

Let’s cut to the chase and show a quick side by side of each brand before diving in further to the respective brand’s benefits.




Origin USA Australia
Key Models C-series, CD-series, Slimline heaters, W-series, WD-series Platinum Series, Tungsten Series, Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Series
Heating Technology Radiant Heating Smart-Heat™ Technology, Radiant Heating
Design Sleek, Modern Modern, Grid Design
Energy Efficiency Up to 90% Described as efficient
Environmental Friendliness No Hazardous Gas Emissions Ceramic technology minimizes power usage
Technical Aspects Longer elements for broader heat distribution Grid system blocks some radiation, High wind resistance
Installation Easier due to more flexible cables Professional installation recommended, especially for gas models
Warranty 4 years on all parts (when bought from specified retailers) 1 year on parts
Price Point $400 - $1000 $600 - $4600
Heat Coverage Area Up to 11 x 11 (ft) Up to 13 x 13 (ft)
Fuel Options Electric: 120, 208, 240, 277, and 480-volt models Natural Gas, Propane, Electric
Mounting Options Wall, Ceiling, Flush, or Pole Mount Wall, Ceiling, or Pole Mount
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Core Highlights of Infratech vs. Bromic


  • Made right here in the USA, Infratech offers a lineup including the C-Series, CD-Series, Slimline, W-Series, and WD-Series models

  • A major draw is the infrared radiant technology Infratech uses. It directly warms up objects and people instead of just the air. This means it continues providing heat even when disrupted by wind, unlike standard heaters. Infratech's radiant models heat surfaces efficiently with minimal loss for toasty, cost-effective operation

  • Style wise, Infratech heaters sport chic, streamlined looks that blend beautifully into any outdoor space from a cozy balcony to sprawling patio

  • Performance is also impressive, with up to 90% energy efficiency. This means you stay warm without skyrocketing energy bills

  • And eco-conscious shoppers appreciate Infratech's zero hazardous emissions. You can soak up the warmth under the stars guilt-free


  • Coming from Australia, Bromic offers elegantly designed models like their Tungsten Smart-Heat electric heaters, plus an array of gas heaters

  • Bromic's patented Smart-Heat technology is a standout, evenly distributing warmth so no cold corners or hot spots

  • For reliably toasty heat output on chilly nights, Bromic consistently delivers. Enjoying a latte on a cool evening? No problem

  • Looks wise, Bromic heaters sport clean, sleek aesthetics that beautifully blend into both homes and businesses

  • With smart tech, powerful and consistent heating, and understated elegance, Bromic checks off key boxes

Why Made In The USA Matters

Still debating Bromic vs. Infratech

Let's talk manufacturing. 

Buying American-made products like those from Infratech supports local economies and upholds quality manufacturing standards. When we choose USA-based brands, more revenue stays in our communities. Plus, American companies commonly adhere to fair labor laws and environmental regulations that align with our values.

As a US manufacturer, Infratech provides domestic jobs and uses components and packaging that are recyclable, showing commitment to sustainability. Their heaters are designed for eco-friendly-aspiring homes.

Not to mention, Infratech is engineered for over 90% efficiency, as they convert input energy directly into heating with minimal carbon emissions. These heaters can pair with solar panels and batteries for clean energy operation even during outages. With straightforward installation and virtually no maintenance needed, their products offer cost-effectiveness as well.

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Infratech and Bromic: Bridging Commercial and Residential Heating Needs

When it comes to keeping outdoor spaces warm, both Infratech and Bromic heaters have proven themselves as go-to brands for homes and businesses alike. Let's dive into how each performs for residential and commercial uses.

Infratech: Commercial and Residential Capabilities

For residential settings like patios, decks and backyards, Infratech's modern, streamlined look blends beautifully to complement home aesthetics. 

Their radiant heating warms areas efficiently without cold spots, extending time outdoors. Infratech heaters tend to be simpler for homeowners to install themselves, and the eco-friendly design aligns with green living values many appreciate.

On the commercial side - think restaurants, hotels, venues - Infratech reliably provides consistent heating across larger gathering areas, a major plus. Their up to 90% energy efficient operation also saves businesses money over time compared to other heaters. 

With flexible mounting options, Infratech units can adapt to fit diverse commercial layouts and decor needs.

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Bromic: Commercial and Residential Capabilities

Now for Bromic, their heaters also integrate seamlessly into home spaces thanks to the modern grid appearance. Smart-Heat technology ensures owners enjoy evening cocktails on the patio in total comfort. For households, Bromic offers a range of models to address different size yards and heating requirements.

In restaurants, cafes or bars, Bromic's powerful, robust heat output stands up to wind and weather, critical for businesses. Professional installation optimizes safety and performance. Bromic heaters also distribute warmth evenly so patrons don't get stuck at the one hot spot.

Overall, both Infratech and Bromic provide excellent heating solutions for commercial and residential needs. The choice between the two depends on your specific environment and priorities, but you can count on quality either way.

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Conclusion: Infratech vs Bromic – A Close Call with a Slight Edge

When it comes to patio heaters, both Infratech and Bromic are rock solid options, but each has strengths depending on what you're after.

For those wanting modern style blended with performance, Infratech is a stellar choice. The streamlined look integrates beautifully into outdoor spaces, and you get the perk of up to 90% energy efficiency - saving money and the planet. Infratech's easier installation and eco-friendly design are major bonuses for homeowners wanting a fuss-free, green heating solution.

That said, Bromic's no slouch either. Their rugged Smart-Heat technology and robust build stands up to tough weather and keeps areas evenly toasty. Bromic's wind resistance earns them points for heating commercial patios and restaurants where it's make or break.

At the end of the day though, Infratech takes a slight lead when you consider their broader, more consistent heat distribution, longer element life, and flexible mounting options for both homes and businesses. And you can't beat that longer warranty for peace of mind.

The bottom line - both Infratech and Bromic deliver the outdoor warmth you need. But if modern aesthetics, energy efficiency and eco-friendly design are priorities, Infratech may be your winner. Whichever you choose, you really can't go wrong heating things up outdoors.


Can Infratech heaters be used in residential and commercial spaces?

Yes. Infratech heaters are versatile and designed to be used in both residential and commercial spaces. So whether you're looking to cozy up your home patio or warm up the outdoor seating area of a cafe or restaurant, Infratech has you covered. Plus they offer a range of models and designs to suit different settings, making them a great choice for a variety of outdoor heating needs.

Is infrared heat better?

Infrared heating has some great perks but also drawbacks depending on your needs. Here's the lowdown: (1.) The good - Infrared efficiently warms people and objects, not the air, so minimal heat gets lost. It provides instant, comfortable warmth like the sun without UV rays. Silent operation and eco-friendly. Can also ease muscle tension and boost circulation. (2.) The not-so-good - Heat is directional, so it may not warm large or multiple areas well. Upfront costs can be higher than other heaters. Aesthetically, units may clutter a space or not fit your decor. Surfaces get hot, raising burn risk. (3.) Overall, infrared is great for quickly warming small, focused zones both indoors and out where you want targeted heat without noise.