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Industrial Decor

What is industrial decor/industrial style decor?

Industrial decor is a type of interior design that draws inspiration from the industrial sector, including factories and warehouses. This style is characterized by exposed brick walls, concrete floors, metal fixtures, and bare bulbs. Industrial decor often has a raw and unfinished look that can be both stylish and chic.

What makes an interior industrial?

There are a few key elements that can make an interior space industrial. These elements include:

- Exposed brick walls: Brick is a common sight in industrial buildings, so exposed brick walls are often used to create an industrial vibe in a home or office.

- Concrete floors: Concrete is another common element in industrial spaces, so concrete floors can help to create an industrial look.

- Metal fixtures: Metal fixtures, such as exposed pipes or metal light fixtures, can also help to create an industrial aesthetic.

- Bare bulbs: Industrial spaces often have bare light bulbs, which can add to the raw and unfinished look of the style.

 What are industrial colors?

Common colors used in industrial decor include copper, black, gray, and white. These colors are often seen in steel and concrete structures. Pipe fittings and other industrial equipment are often painted these colors as well. Some industrial color schemes also include green or brown. This is because these colors can be found in nature, and they help to create a more organic feel in an industrial space.

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